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Hello everyone!

My name is Seth but many call me Sketch or Sketchy!

I am born and raised in California, then moved to Arizona around 2008 or so. I have many hobbies such as building and racing track cars, going offroad/dirt bike riding (Love Glamis) and much more. Often enjoy learning something something new or there is a custom piece I want to make or do, and don't have the funds to pay someone so... I just learn it myself.

Been into photography since 2010 on and off. Started by assisting a fellow photographer with their shoots. Eventually using a camera of my own to take a few shots when I had the opportunity and got to learn to a lot from that photographer. Eventually split ways and started shooting by myself. Started shooting cars and models, then just models

One thing I really enjoy within photography is the opportunity of helping others get into modeling or photography. I love helping others out and watch them bloom as they continue to invest themselves into a wonderful hobby that allows many to speak on a term further than words. That to me is a great experience!

The name SketchyUnicorns comes from my drifting history. In the past, I use to drift. One of my cars I drove the most and was most known with was called the S14Boss for awhile. I use to be called Sketch or Sketchy due to how I would fix it or get it to the events... Either driving on flat tires, zip tied arms, etc to make it to and from events. The car itself eventually got the name of the Unicorn due to it still running to the very end. Never doing oil changes or any maintenance on the engine, the engine eventually lost compression in two cylinders and most of the compression in the remaining ones. Eventually equaling to driving on one cylinder, yet I would still daily drive it and also take it to events. Eventually putting a large hole in the block and it catching fire. After being tow strapped home from the event the engine blew at, we found that the car still ran on the remaining back piston, with a gaping hole in the side of the block and no oil, it still ran. Was magical, hence being called the Unicorn. Eventually, while I had a shop for a little, people would come by and hang out a lot to get stuff done. One day it just clicked putting my nickname and the cars name together which then became SketchyUnicorns. Started out as a car club (still is) and then turned into a company name, then now used for a few different things such as SketchyUnicorns Photography!



All photos are free as long as watermark is on the images. If watermark is unable to be visable for some reason, please make sure to tag or state credits @sketchyunicorns and/or @sketchyunicornsphotography . Photos are taken by Seth Franklin with SketchyUnicorns Photography. More can be found at or  <a href=""></a>. Thank you!

Arcadia and Chance

Currently I have two fur friends. One is Arcadia. A pitbull which has been with me for a few years. She was originally an abused pit when I picked her up. Cuts all over her, mostly her face as if she was beaten with something. Took me a year to get her comfortable with me, then about 6 months after that for her to be comfortable with others. Now she is an emotional support pup for myself but also the new family member which is Chance. He is also a pitbull who is very timid. Seemed to have been abused by the previous owner or owners. He is an amazing boy and even bigger of a doofus. If you see either of them, be sure to pet them and give some love. They absolutely love attention now!